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I live in rockaway year round... Im the 4th house off the beach... My basement flooded about 4ft. I got off easy. My street is the highest street above water in rockaway and boy it saved me. my basement flooded from the sewer lines backing up into the house... every house at least had that happen. But most of the home flooding was a combo of the sewer lines backing up and ocean water overtaking the window levels up past the first floor.
So... the gas lines are being restored first. but no electricity. no business running. nothing. rockaway is unliveable right now. every beach front home suffered massive damage, if the home was lucky to even be there. And the reports of debris floating in the lineups are true... the surf yesterday looked so nice... but no one out, at least up by my area. I can't help but feel it would be insulting to the area to paddle out with such destruction around us.

Also I stayed for the storm.... Im one to always evacuate but this year I stayed.... it was the worst experience of my life. It will take years to erase this mark.. if ever.
Good to hear you are ok Fitz, how long till you are sitting waaaaay outside again?