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Thread: saturday

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    Quote Originally Posted by wedge1 View Post
    yeah cb and a few spots around here should be on FIRE!!! gotta love those south swells with late wind switches cuz no1 is ever on it...

    ps Micah... ive been following your forecasts ever since got off the ground (colin H. recommended your forecasting) so props on the new site and the forecasting to come... thanks man
    I reckon a few spots will FIRE for you guys.
    Thanks for the props - its been a while since the days!

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    thanks for all the info. Im about to head out now. Happy surfing everyone!!

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    it looks like the winds will be favorable sunday 9/3 but there won't be much swell in the water. will there be leftover swell around sunrise at least? from the charts it seems like there may be some waist-stomach high ones before all the energy pulls away.

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    I agree that some spots/areas have the potential to turn-on today. In general, please do not post specific spots on forums. With the guidance of swellinfo, any knowledgeable person can make assumptions what areas will work best; so I dont think its necessary to mention them on forums to attract an even larger crowd to them. Thank you.

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    PI is always fun but the hard angle of these south swells aim towards surfside and springmaid. no real cleanup session to speak of in GC tonight. ridable but most of the sets weren't make-able. too much wind again.

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    surfed springmaid in the morning....was fun....some shoulder maybe heads sets rolled thru.....drove to PI for afternoon cleanup and it was ooohhhh about thigh high and dumpin right on the beach....wen't back to springmaid and it cleaned up fairly nice after about 4pm....had some fun rights