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I live in Long Beach, NY. My place faired fairly well and it's been a lot of work work helping neighbors. Friends and I want to surf to keep morale up. I think its important.
Do whatever you want. I don't live in your community so I don't know what people there are feeling per se, but I feel like if I was still in the midst of a major cleanup, seeing people surfing instead of helping would piss me off. Maybe it's different since you're local. I could definitely see issues with non-locals coming to surf while the cleanup is still going on.

I feel like that water must be nasty too - you guys had a wastewater treatment plant overflow into the ocean, didn't you? Not to mention all the other crap in the water from peoples' homes, etc.

I'm sure after cleaning up for days on end, you must need a break though. More power to you - hope you don't have any issues with the water quality or debris. Best of luck to you and your community. I've been helping in Rockaway and would love to help in LB too as that is mostly where I surf. Hopefully they start letting non-residents in to help out soon.