hey, anyone interested in buying a go pro? i have two and need cash, i have the HD and the HD2 and a whole boatload of accessories. PM me if interested in anything.

GoPro HD2
GoPro HD
2-vented housing backdoors
2-sealed housing backdoor (one with floaty attached)
2-battery backpack
2- battery backpack vented backdoor
2- battery backpack closed backdoor
1-LCD backpack
2-LCD vented backdoor
2-LCD sealed backdoor
7-various extenders
3-curved adhesive attachments
5- quick release buckles
1- J-hook buckle
1- surfboard attachment and 2 safety attachments
1-FCS fin plug attachment
14- acorn nuts
4-large screws
9-small screws
1-suction cup mount
1-pack of anti-fog inserts
3- USB cables
6- GoPro batteries
1-GoPole grenade grip
1- GoPole bobber grip
1- GoPole pole
1- handle bar mount
Pelican case for all equipment
1- 2GB SD card