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    dear amry corps of engineers

    sometimes you guys really piss me off and do something stupid like taking a good sand bar and sucking the life out of it. other times you do beautiful things like making perfectly safe inlets impassable. for that, i love you.


    I Hate Longboarders

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    CurtFlirt732 Guest
    i love them they make the best surf spots and iam not using sarcasm at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by CurtFlirt732 View Post
    i love them they make the best surf spots and iam not using sarcasm at all
    exactly...I'd say about half of the good surf spots in the New Jersey/Delmarva are were created by groins and jetties. It cracks me up to hear people ***** about the corps and then go surf Squan, IRI, OC lnlet or some other spot pretty much created by them.

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    CurtFlirt732 Guest
    well they did destroy squan inlet it used to an amazing wedgy a-frame off the rocks but its to deep now but it did create tons of spots just a little further north and south like long branch and LBI

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    boy was it good today at manasquan. 200 yd rides. head high takeoff, shoulder high wall.
    such an easy wave of high quality. I caught so many sick waves in only 5 hours

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    sandy hook. . .monmouth county's jetties. . .manasquan. . .dog beach. . .jenks. . .bay head. . .shoals on lbi. . .jetty breaks on lbi. . .ocean city. . .poverty. . .the cove. . .as much as beach replenishmnet can suck we owe a lot of big name breaks to them, and sometimes beach replenisment doens't really effect it too bad, did surf city lbi get affected? when i saw after beach replenisment it looked like the same set up as the town north just with a way bigger beach so i guess it could go either way but it seems like the more crap is stuck out into the ocean the more "surf spots" pop up