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    FS twice used Hyperflex AMP 654 hooded

    As titled, the suit was used twice last winter. I put on some weight and got a bigger winter suit for this season. It kept me warm for hours in rhode island winters, and really liked it, just grew out of it. The size of it is XLL, or for someone about 6'-6'3" 175-200lb.

    Asking for $150 and I'll ship it anywhere in u.s. for an additional $10. I believe I paid around $250 for it.

    The link below is a picture reference of the wetsuit. It is lined with yellow thermal througout the chest and hood as well even though the picture doesn't show it, along with some of the aesthetic details/patterns on the shoulder liners. The one I have is labelled as the AMP, yet looks like the one pictured.

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    price change $140 shipped

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    Problem is you can get brand new excels for the same price if you get lucky... might want to lower your price to $100.

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    You can't get brand new xcels 654s for $140...

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    someone freaking get on this! if this was a medium tall i would be all over it

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    If it was new with tags, definitely. Kinda like buying socks or underwear used: some things are worth investing a few more bucks for the newness factor. But im pretty ocd. Hope you find a buyer.

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    I agree with "cresto4." There are many of session in which I p!ss at least 4 to 5 times in my suit. Not to mention I just dropped a giant crap before paddling out in the portapotty and likely did not get a chance to wash out my rectum. And last but not least, neoprene can carry fungal bacteria for a year or more; finding a fungus like staph from a used suit, to me anyway's, is worth paying another $50 for something new. When you drive a new car off the lot it depreciates 50-75% of its value before the first mile. When you wear a wetsuit one time and piss in it...well?!?!?...I would have to say that I would rather purchase a used car closer to it's MSRP/retail then a wetsuit that was "all up in that @ss!" With that said, good luck!

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    This suit is clean. It was worn for a total of about four to five hours and I do not piss in my suits! I also always take the time to rinse my suits of salt water and hang them to dry after every session too. Id be pumped to get this winter wetsuit for $140. In fact, I wish it still fit me because I would keep it and surf with it. I remember the couple sessions I had out in it, I was nice and warm and caught some nice waves. I can understand not wanting to wear someones wetsuits that has 50-100 sessions, but this has two.