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    I hope Hinmo doesn't get pissed for this, only saying this because the suits are different sizes. Feel free to post your info on my thread if you want.

    First, its ridiculous to say that a suit isn't worth anything because someone pissed in it. you are sitting in water, it instantly dissipates into the water. can't speak for Hinmo, but i rinse my suit thoroughly after each use.

    Second, I have a Rip Curl F Bomb 5/4 size large for sale. used 6 or less times, in brand new condition. top of the line rip curl wetsuit. retails for $440 plus tax. will entertain all fair offers.

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    First himo24t gets called out for selling a used suit and now someones hijacking his bumping it up cause I feel bad

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    I just bought a used f bomb... That being said, dont forget there is often a double standard, we probably put much worse in our mouths every time we paddle out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBlove View Post
    I just dropped a giant crap before paddling out in the portapotty and likely did not get a chance to wash out my rectum.
    With that image lingering, you will never sell this suit. Sorry I brought it up.

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    New price $125

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    $125 and you can buy this nearly brand new 654 hooded hyper flex. Surf through the winter. It's is a Lt

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    someone buy this!! its in mint condition. $125