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    I don't know about you guys, but I think this website is excellent. The reports are pretty much spot on and dependable. It def. helps me plan my week and prevents me from making unnecessary drives (1/2 hour each way) to the beach! The models are different and the color interaction of the maps are nice and decipherable for dummies like myself. It's updated at least twice/day.....Not just once like Surfline or the other websites out there. NOT TO MENTION PEOPLE........This site, it's forecasting information, and the pics/videos are FREE!!!!! There is no subscription charge. As I'm told there won't ever be. FREE...FREE....FREE....The guys at work really hard to bring this to us for free. The least we can do is spread the stoke to our friends. Post your pics and video on here too. Let's get the word out, from the East Coast to the West, From the Carribbean to Hawaii, and beyond........
    Thanks Micah and Keep up the good work. Everyone love progression!!!

    Anyone else?

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    I agree with everything you said. One of the main reason I love the site is b/c the information is very objective, therefore making it very consistent. It translates the models into very an objective surf forecast. Therefore, when it predicts a certain swell (e.g. chest high medium perdiod sse swell, with semi-clen conditions) I know exactly how that will transalate for my local break based on historical forecasts the site has provided. thanks micah!

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    Thumbs up I agree

    I've been using Swell Info for almost a year now as my primary forecasting site and yep - Micah is on the money - not only with wave heights, but with local winds. That's the more impressive part, IMHO.