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Thread: Nor'easter

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    Its a lot different in the bay. There's nowhere for it to go. There will be debris floating around in the bay for a while. During high tides especially
    But the ocean is different. I'm not saying it's totally safe, but I would't be too scared of that. I'd be more nervous of sewage and oil

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    i felt rather helpless in the days following sandy. i asked many times what i could do to help, but cops kept telling everyone to stay off the roads and stay with your homes. i fired up the chainsaw, cleaned up my yard, helped neighbor do the same. after that i had nothing to do. so i went surfing, no brainer. it was a struggle to find access to the beach, but man did it ever clear my head. at least during my sesh. clean waist to chest. but the walk back to my jeep, then the 2 mile drive home quickly screwed me up again, complete devestation. so surreal and sad. to those of you who are wondering about debris, i found that most of it washed up on the beach. there was one monster piling, probably 15-20ft stuck smashing against the jetty, but we just stayed away from it. when this is all said and done, i predict some new breaks lighting up NJ this winter. stay safe everyone..

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    head south if you can fellas. OCNJ has gas, restaurants and the water looked pretty clear of debris. Not sure what will happen with size but over the weekend while cleaning up, i saw some of the prettiest 1-2 footers due to the flatness. With size you may end up on someones porch though on the south end. Corson Inlet could be worth a look with all the sand moved around.

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    here in VB there isn't much clean up effort to help with and I'm not aware of any contamination aside from the usual brownness we get. I hope to catch a few in the morning, stiff offshores are always such a gamble...