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    UM might have one of the nicest board sites I've seen:
    Check it out...

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    A third recommendation for Brian Wynn. He shaped a quad fish for me and the board is sick. I told him exactly what I wanted the board to do for me and the boards performance is on point. The glass job is outstanding as well. He is also a great guy to work with. Very helpful, willing to listen to your needs, and work on making the board right for you. Just an FYI, he glasses for Cosmic Bull, Heritage and Chaize. I would put his shaping abilities up against any other EC shaper and his glassing skills are on par with the best out west. Attached some pics of my fish below. I plan to eventually order a single fin and quad shortboard from him as well.
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    thanks criticalsurf. are "supersurfboarda" going to range in same price as UM

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    price im not to sure...they also have a line of retro ect. named sugarmill...some really good boards... sugarmill is UM's glassing factory.

    they used to glass alot of channel islands boards...alot of merricks have a sugar mill logo somewhere on them

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    yeah just buy the super board. You sound like the person who buys the trendy board anyway... People like you just leave more variety for the local surf shop quivers.....thanks!

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    nah man not at all