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    HELP, I need a board!

    Hey ya'll,

    Just moved to NC in August and have been looking forward to the Spring surf since then. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could pick up a decent second hand board (preferably something longer, 7.5 to 9.0, as I'm a big dude: 6'3", 200). I live in Durham, so if there's anyone out there in the triangle lookin to sell a board, that'd be great. Otherwise I'd be willing to start some talks online as well.

    Hope to hear something soon!

    By the way, when does the surf usually come up? In hurricane season?? Any info would be much appreciated!


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    i know u said second hand but i'm not necessarily sure still what ur price range is. i duno much about long boards but if you live near any surf shops just head in there and they'll probably give u answers a lot faster than these forums will. most shops have a used board selection an everything.
    the surf usually picks up in the winter. you get a lot of big choppier swells in the winter. however, during hurricane season and more in the summer swells are much less frequent, but they come with glass so thats always a good thing. in my opinion though i'd say the best surf in NC where i live would be in the winter

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    Thumbs up Help I need a board

    I publish a surf magazine in North Carolina. Send me your snail mail (mailing Address) and I can get you dialed into whats going on in the NC surf scene.
    Plenty of great surf shops with locally shaped boards. They will get you on the right board, for a great price. Better come soon, used longboards don't last long around here.
    Chris McQuiston
    PO Box 1551
    Wrightsville Beach NC

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    Talking HELP I need a board

    I forgot, you can check out pics of the NC waves from year round. enjoy

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    so which shops sell a wide locally-shaped inventory in south nc? are there shapers who will take requests?

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    Most surf shops in southern NC carry a wide variety of boards, and usually have one local shaper per shop. You can contact the shop or the shaper and have a custom board made. Talking to the shaper is your best bet. That way they can put the right board under your feet. Believe me they know what they are doing.

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    Try this, theres usually a few good deals on quite a variety of boards on there.

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    I've got a "big guy" epoxy 6'2" quad finned fish I'm thinking about selling. It's pretty thick and floaty, a bit too small for me (I'm 245 lbs) but it would be perfect for you. I'm in Atlantic Beach. Drop me an email at paul at pmudesign dot com.

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    Hey, i saw your post on getting a board, and i too live in central N.C (Greensboro) but surf almost 2-3 weekends a month. I know it would be a little further to drive, but the guys at Village Surf Shoppe, in Garden City S.C are excellent. Kelly Richards is the shaper and they are the best bunch of guys that I know. I have been surfing for about 5 years and have NEVER gone anywhere else for my surfing needs!!! My parents have a condo in Garden City, so thats where I surf most of the time (sometimes Pawley's and Litchfield). I wish i could make it up to WB and CB more often, but after driving 4 hours to get to a beach, i normally stay put. Anyway, if your interested i will give you Village's phone number and you can talk to them yourself... Kelly or Brian will know what you will need based on your size and skill level. They also sell used boards as well. Just let me know!

    Email :


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    Kelly shapes all my stuff. Best boards, best price, best everything.