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    How has the break changed since they started pumping sand in. I know the jetties are completely gone which made most of the break. Any thoughts, or any rides on it..

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    It's been kinda fun lately. Yo dude, are u comin down next week. Long term looks fun! North, then south swell. Water is warmin up too. Last weekend in NJ was cold and epic. Only lasted 7 hours. Fun anyway.

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    dude im not off till march 21- and i wont come down to like the 28th cause i need to get in a classrooom. Can't wait to rip it..My bro is getting ready to hook up a board...You gonna work this year or just ride...

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    what do you think
    surf 4:30 AM to 9 PM
    that is a stretch but i've done it before. whatever. my goal is to be even more restless and active than last summer. and oh yeah, last week i got shacked big time and now i'm catchin some waves ths weekend with brendan and then there may be a south swell next wed!!!!!

    good times for me!
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