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    Cool Bodyboard advice

    Hi everyone. I need advice. I am looking to purchase a new bodyboard for the upcoming season. I hope to ride this board in hollow, thick, dangerous shorebreak. What materials and tail shape, etc. should I be looking for. Thanks!

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    coulda just said shore break we know what it means =] i still ride a 20 year old mach 7 so iim not one to know

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    go with a crescent tail single stringer and depending on the water temp DOW or PP

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    A sponge?

    I heard the best sponges out wright now are made from a company called scotch bright, they have been getting my dishes so clean lately. polishes my copper pots to sheer perfection. plus i got a three pack for $2.97. Get em while they last. (and read this with a grain of salt!)

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    Why do people start so much ****

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    Since its shorebreak the boards probably going to get the **** beat out of it. I would go for a double stringer to make it hold up better. Keep it from bending. Don't really think that there are boards made specifically for shorebreak. I would just say go double stringer and have maybe a 10" or 11" nose so you can maneuver better. Honestly, the boards probably going to snap if your not experienced enough to ride shorbreak. I know I would have broken my board by now if I went to IRS.

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    my 41.5 HUBB holds up like none other..and it has been beat to hell on some of the heaviest shorebreak around here and still has no creases or anything...or No. 6 makes some nasty boards i had a 41.5 stong thatt held for about 3 yrs...

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    BZ, #6, TOOBS in that order

    Break Down (IMO):

    BZ - I think there boards have the best shape, there light, very maneuverable and can take a beating.

    #6 - Razor sharp rails, there shapes are all right, and they have that anti-sun bubble stuff on the deck and the boards are quite tough but they can be heavy.

    TOOBS - Hand shaped, but I'm not a big fan of the shapes besides the Herlihy, bullet proof.

    So you really can't go wrong with any of them, tail wise if you do a lot of spins go with bat tail if you just carve/dk get a crescent.
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    Custom PMA is the best made boards i have ever ridden

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    Thanks for the advice, Jimbo

    That was very helpful. I plan on riding mainly at Indian River Southside this summer, so it is good to get advice from someone with first hand experience.