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yea man i got a board with a tripple stringer in it..wicked rigid but never had any flex so i like it. Just got a number 6 and pretty happy with the way its shaped but i just got to get it wet now. . An WontonWonton is right with the boards unless ur gonna be standing or DK you only really need a single stringer.
Which No.6 did you get?

The new prototype No.6 boards that No.6 sent me to test out in our colder waters have been working real well. They are Dow & Lightweight Polypro mix cores. They are shaped like the No.6 Bludgeon & Landlord models with crescent tails. 1 has 3 stringers & 1 has a single stringer. Flex & projection on both are really good for the cold water right now. No.6 is using the info I give them to do minor adjustments & get them in production for late spring & summer line.

I am heading up to Long Island, NY & then NYC tomorrow night for the BBING premiere of ROAM & hang out with the NYBB crew. Should be a great time, this will be the 1st time we have had one in NYC itself. We have always had other BBING videos, NF premier, etc on Long Island.