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    Costa Rica Surf?

    hey i am going to costa rica for a surf trip and good places i should check?

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    No the whole place sucks...j/k

    Where you staying? When you going?

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    i am going to nosara and in 6 days we are going to witches rock but idk where else so try

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    Not sure if you've ever been to Nosara/Playa Guiones, but you'll have a great time! I've actually been going there for the last three years.

    Everyone really cool and the breaks are really consistent (the local tell me way more consistent than Tamarindo). If you haven't check out They have had some serious swells come through this winter.

    As for other places to surf, the whole Nicoya *****ula is really good.

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    You have a car? How long you going for? There are a bunch of spots around there, just depends on how much you want to explore and how long you are going for.

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    costa rica

    i just came back from there if u headin to the south definitely check out this place called domonical its a good break with big waves but make sure you go at LOW tide or its horrible if you go up north then Withes rock is good but alittle crouded ollies point is a good place to check to but it;s only acesilble by boat but its less crouded PLAYA NEGRA is a pretty decent break also

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    Rent ATVs and explore

    You can rent ATVs in Nosara and explore the beach to find a decent, empty break in the area.

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    all my friends just went to costa today to jaco beach. i was suppossed to go, but sometimes the bank has other ideas...

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    thanks yeah we are going to ollies point and tamerindo i am satying there for 10 days but mostly at a break called guiones

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    playa negra is around tamorindo. fast, right reef break, great wave.

    playa grande, 2 mile walk from tamorindo, very fun peaky, beach break, generally bigger than tamorindo.