whats going on everybody. im doing this marketing project and basically tweeking vans shoes marketing plans ect. I chose to play around with their products and places they sell, advertise, ect. My two product ideas are vans golf shoes and vans booties. For the golf shoes i thought they coud make a golf shoe with their classic styling and cheap prices. I feel as though many of us surfers also love to golf and i would def buy a pair of cheap vans golf shoes. What do you guys think? Also i though they could make dope booties since they have a great sense of style and the vans company was originally a rubber company so they have some knowledge on how to work with rubber already. I was thinking doing something wild with the design, crazy prints such as army or digital print, some crazy colors or something. My thought behind that is everybody wants a little style but they dont want too much going on ya know, like do less at the same time. WIth eccentric booty styling you still are sporting the classic black wetsuit design but add a small amount of flare with booty colors and patterns. Any feedback would be great.<br /><br />sorry about the long post by the way, hope everybodys scoring some waves