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    Quote Originally Posted by thedog View Post
    zagaf your not worth my time of day. im gonna say one thing, dont classify my as a main street surfer you dont know me.

    The Dog has spoken.

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    Anybody on here actually golf? Seems kinda antithetical to surfing to me, but different strokes for different folks.

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    Ah... everybody hates everybody again! Just like old times! Three day weekend and a 1/2 day work today. I'm going surfing. I don't care if it's ankle high slop, I'll be out paddling. Be supportive of each other while I'm gone. Yeah, right...

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    All I know is, my booties tend to wear out pretty quick and so do my hoods. I'm always looking for good-quality booties, not duds, but ones that are comfortable and wear well and are warm for the winter. Likewise, hoods. I wouldn't mind having a back-up pair of booties - will they come in different mm thicknesses? And will their be an online site for the Van's stuff? Or a bunch of sites through retail. I like it if it's easy to order.

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    I think there is a market for Vans Golf Shoes, but it may be pretty limited. I'm not a believer in fashion over function, so you better make sure that your shoes can compete with other brands on the market. Personally, I think the golfing market may not have enough room for a fashion statement. Off the bat, your target audience will primarily be those living the Ridgemont High glory days & the occasional youthful golfer. I truly think you have a better chance with the booties. If some wetsuits have colors/themes, then the bootie market can surely support some sort of "flair." I would never wear a flashy suit, but I would wear Misfit skeleton suit gloves.

    Keep flexing your digital guns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    Cur, you have bought into marketing over substance. ". . . drink some Busch, the new cans are dope)"! I drink beer that I made cause it tastes good, substance over BULLSH!1. I bottle it in old Grolsch stone-caps, dope. Offer something more productive other than the mantra of BUY, BUY, BUY. And no, I’m not knocking capitalism or the free market. I’m damn grateful for and good at both. I’m knocking marketing that has done nothing for quality or substance; but drives to the lowest common denominator. Hey would anyone like some Van’s Golf Shoes? They’ll be just like the skate shoes only they’ll have little cleats on the bottom. You won’t be able to skate in them, but you’ll look super duper cool while golfing; not like those old guys all argyled out, in their little berets. You can wear Billabong golf shorts, Hurley golfing shirts and top it all off with a really nice Quicksilver Golfing Visor instead! You’ll look great and not anything like an over indulgent tool with a rectally embedded golf club and everyone will know that you’re a surfer. How’s about a Ron Jon minivan to go with that? Have you ever been to O’ahu? Worst thing that ever happened to Hawaii wasn’t Dole Fruit; it was Taylor Golf Clubs! Golf! GOLFFFFFFFFF!?!?! How can a surfer swing a golf club after paddling for hours and hours and hours on end, riddle me that golfer?

    How about some clever designs on your boring black booties? Poseidon took Jack O’Neill’s eye for inventing the leash and he was a real waterman, what’s Davey Jones gonna do to someone who profanes the ocean in this manner? Go slap some pastel, patches on the sides of your board, right next to your multi-colored stomp pad. The only designs I want to see on booties are the ones on bikini bottoms. JUICY, capiché? Keep whining about how people are mean to you because your post says, do my work for me, be my focus group ‘cause I have nothing else to post about, give me, give me, give me; help me get an A on my project and prove that there’s a market for surf wear on the golf course or plaid booties. Here’s a secret, there’s a market for everything; whether there should be or not. Take all we can, leave nothing left G’YARR ; we’re marketing pirates, I’ll take a double decaf espresso soy chai latte. Dude, we need engineers, researchers and doctors in this company, I mean country. Not someone trying to sell us a different color of booty.

    Post a surf story about how you got robbed in Nicaragua, how Carver racks come loose, where the best hostel is in Biarritz, what’s the best way to get the crap you just dumped in the line up out of your wetsuit, whether or not to wax every time you paddle out, why wearing a leash is like wearing a rubber (thanks Lee), why a 6’8” Biscuit is the surfboard equivalent of the Ford Edsel (where you on that marketing team), how to stream heats on demand from your computer to your TV, how to help people affected by Sandy, the ultimate OCMD paddle out or why if you drink coffee in the morning, you will need to take a deuce.

    Legendary surfer Butch Van Artsdalen

    Butch Van Artsdalen Biography and Photos

    Butch became a lifeguard at Pipe in the '70s, a position he would hold until his untimely death. Disheartened by the ever-growing presence of posers and rowdy groms who were in his opinion ruining the sport, he became gradually more cynical. He saw the sport's purity vanishing in the face of outsiders and was deeply resentful of crowds in the water and on the beach. A binge drinker since his teenage years, he eventually drank himself to death in 1979. A huge service was held at Pipe in his honor and his ashes were scattered over the lineup.

    Will there be a place set at the Golden Hall in Valhalla for you? Will your ashes ever be scattered at Pipe?
    +1. Perfect reply. I was thining of the same thing when I saw the comment that he drinks Busch because of the new dope cans. Marketing is coming out all of his orifices. I drink good beer that tastes good not because of some dumb marketing on the can. Marketing serves no purpose in society. ****, the new Iphone just came out, I gotta run, later!

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    You guys are all assholes. Lighten up