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    Sandy: Water Quality Update Thread

    Hoping to keep current information here for the local crew itching to get back in the water... but ultimately, the choice is yours.

    11/8 update:

    DEP water quality monitoring office says advisories are in effect for Raritan Bay, Sandy Hook Bay, and Barnegat Bay. Fishing and shellfishing suspended. Sewage processing facilities not fully operational, and continue to pump untreated, contaminated water into local water bodies. The state DEP is still running in crisis mode, with current efforts focusing on removing oil and containers from the recent accidents before the oil spreads and containment areas begin to leak or breach. Several ocean bathing beaches are being sampled and tested for bacterial contamination, but results are not available yet. I'll post them here as soon as I hear what those results are (or anybody else who gets that or other reliable information, please post it here). Other coastal sewage facilities may or may not be fully operational. It is advised that you check your local authorities for updates... post them here, if you get that info. Monmouth County facilities include Monmouth Beach, Long Branch, Deal and Asbury... maybe others. Again... if you know, post here.
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