I just have to take the time to post these works of art that Phil created for me. Lots of calls and texts back and forth to get these done, but they are of awesome quality and more than I could have asked for. I highly recommend Phil, and the whole process of getting customs surfboards made. I'll also note that the first wave I caught on the yellow board was AWESOME today. over head and held great. I took the camera out a little bit too and got a shot or two with it. The picture with 4 boards is Sandbar18's two boards that Phil also made. The only negative with the whole process is not Phils fault, but rather the foam supplier's fault. It took forever for him to get the foam, which left me with only a bit more than a week to try and get these boards wet before I head to Puerto Rico. But well worth the wait and it feels like xmas came early. Phil has some better pics up on his FB page.

image.jpgIMG_2604.jpgIMG_2606.jpgIMG_2617 - Copy.jpgIMG_2619.jpg