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    Sealed versus taped seams wetsuit

    I am looking at this wetsuit. The seams are sealed and taped. Cheaper suits are just sealed (both sound better then my chilly stitched seams). What is the difference between sealed versus taped and sealed?

    Also, re sizing, buying on line is tough. The right size for me looks like a 6S but then the neck will be 1/4 inch small. Advice?

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    the tape makes the seam more durable, and in the case of liquid taping, a little more waterproof. Most plain sealed suits feature "spot taping" which reinforce high stress areas of the suit.

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    Betty, you will find that there is a pretty big difference in manufacturer's sizings (Rip Curl is different than Xcel is different than O'Neill, etc). I recommend that if you plan on buying a particular suit online, you may want to visit a local surfshop to try one on (or several).

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    I agree with kid, try one on. I would even go further and say go ahead and buy one local. It won't be too much extra and they will help you get one that's just right.

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    Looks like a warm and good suit, but like the other folks said, you can't know size for sure til you try it on, due to variations between brands. Even if you mail-order it you can return it. Also, all suits expand a bit when they get wet. And a new suit will stretch a bit and break in after a few uses, so if you're (like me) right near the boundary of two sizes you should try both sizes. If you're right in the middle of the weight range of 6S or whatever that 1/4-inch "too small" neck probably won't matter - the neck on most suits is very stretchy and comfy, but occasionally you do try one on that really strangles you.
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    consider a chest zip, the little bit getting in the seams is nothing compared to the bucket that can get poured down the neck of a back zip. My $00.02

  7. #7 i took advice and went to local shop. They carry Body Glove and Rip Curl. Tried on 3mm BG for size. Then they ordered a 4 mm3mm Body Glove chest entry sealed wetsuit. I can't wait for it to come in! And it looks sharp too. I couldn't find any oneill to try on for size, so I went with Body Glove. Everyone's comment were super helpful. Thanks. More than I was going to spend, but being warm priceless .
    Here it is
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    I used to get xxxl Oneil but would still have to get 4 inches added to the legs and arms(I'm 6'5"). They quit doing it for me so I went Rip Curl for a proper fit. I agree with the front zip. the last suit had a built in hood. It had a "****ey" attached below the zipper that you pulled over front to back. I'd put on neoprene socks which allowed for my big feet to slide thru the legs.

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    Great idea on the socks. So body glove is sold out on the suit I ordered. So I ordered an oneill 4/3 mm back zip. Should arrive in 5 days. My local shop said that size should run like body glove.sure hope so.

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    you will be toasty warm even on the coldest days with that 4/3, glad you went to a local shop, hoped they helped you out ok, just in time starting to get chilly