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    The top-end suits of most major players have stitchless seams. Seams are glued only. Inside seams are taped with high-stretch tape (.5mm neoprene tape). Outside seams are liquid seal. This seems to be the most stretchy, durable, waterproof combination. Stitching creates thousands of little holes in the rubber, which become weak/leak points over time.
    the quiksilver cypher 3/2m wetsuit that i have is the hydrolock seam seal which has liquid seal on the outside of the wetsuit and the inside theres stitching there. my friend has a different kind of cypher 3/2m where the stitching is outside of the wetsuit and inside there is the yellow tape. i think that feature is called the flexmax seal seam. i dont think there is a quiksilver cypher wetsuit where the outside seams are liquid sealed and inside is taped.

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    Not all but most. Xcel Drylock Powerseam, Rip Curl Flashbomb Plus, O'Neill Psychofreak are a few I can verify use stitchless seams, sealed on the inside and outside. These are all very pricey suits.