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Thread: Lido Beach

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    Lido Beach

    I want to begin by saying that I have been hit by Hurricane Sandy and had major flooding and have been living out of a suitcase. With that said, I would like to possibly get some relief and go surfing this week. Was wondering if anyone has been in at Lido and if its worth it due to the poor water quality?

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    read Newsday from November 12th....a bad sewage problem ongoing, not to mention debris, and gas and oil from cars, boats, and peoples home appliances.... the sewage problem will not go away soon.... I want to go in also, but doubt I will be going anytime soon, plus most surf people I know ...their hearts aren't even in it right now when all is devastated, I"m living out of a suitcase also, no power, and I"m dying to go in the water, but really its feeling trite right now to me....... I guess I will know when to go .... but water quality.... that is a grave present issue.... your call ...wishing you luck too.

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    agreed the water quality is an issue but if its possible to get in the water soon especially with this incoming swell i think could bring some much needed stress relief to those greatly affected by the storm