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Thread: Thanks to Vets!

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    Thanks to Vets!

    Thanks to all who have served and are currently...what a life you protect and promote.

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    Yes... deepest thanks to all who have served.

    and thank you, hinmo24t

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    Thanks to the Vets,(including my old man)Don't take freedom for granted.

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    I admire and am forever thankful for the military veterans of the United States of America. They stand guard and protect us so we can continue to enjoy the life we have been provided. Again, thank you U.S. Veterans.

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    <U.S. Veteran. 60% active duty related disability.

    I wish people would actually hire veterans.
    30 applications....4 interviews....still need work.


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    What are you looking for PRO??

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    Yes, thank u

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    I wish people would actually hire veterans.
    For real? I hate competing with veterans for government jobs... just kidding ...kind of... hope something comes your way & you got some waves on your day
    from the son of, twice grandson of, nephew of, three time bother-in law of, and husband of a veteran...thanks for all you do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stranded in Smithfield View Post
    ...from the son of,..., and husband of a veteran...

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    Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    What are you looking for PRO??
    Dude, I'm looking for ANYTHING!!
    Really surprised I haven't been able to find work.
    By the way those 30 apps and 4 interviews were all just last week.
    About to send in 20 more apps, and follow up on them.
    25 years old - All I do is surf and workout. (How lame right?!)
    Boredom is killing me, and I need bad. lol