Hopefully the morons in charge of beach replenishment will finally understand that no amount of dredged sand poured on the beaches will stick around in the even of major storms. Its a complete waste of tax dollars. What needs to be done is to use those giant sandbag tubes and create an artificial barrier reef like 200- 300 yards off the existing coastline. Its been proven to work elsewere, and the beaches will replenish the sand naturally. And it will give us a great reef break far enough out that swimmers wont get near the breaks resulting in no more surf beaches, but totally unregulated breaks all year.

However, this will never happen because the powers that be are too short sighted and impatient for this system to be implemented. They will be soon be bringing in the bulldozers and barges to pump dredged sand up onto the beaches, creating our famous "break neck" shore break again. They are more concerned in how many fat assed tourists they can jam onto the summer beaches and could care less about how to actually attempt to fix the errosion problem. So soon the sand band-aid will be appliend with millions of our tax dollars only to be washed out to sea again with the next seasons hurricanes/nor easters.