new sign at crystals ac that says unprotected beach no swimming. on noreaster someone from the highrise building called the cops (who does that?) bc my friend and i were out surfing there. the cop basically said sign says that i gotta do what i gotta do maybe you could go somewhere else insinuating he was going to do anything if we moved. rips were retarded so it made sense to surf there bc it was safe so i tried asking more about the law behind it but he got defensive and pushed more for just go south more issue over. i thought we were outside the "swimmers" closer to like water craft and dont fall under that am i right? if not im gonna talk to someone in the city because ive been surfing there for years and its a "surfing beach" it should be at your own risk. can someone provide with me any insight into the actual laws governing that or with the actual laws i can print out and kindly tell the cop to piss off. i know hes doing his job but i think someone is misinterpreting something whether me, and all the others who surf crystals, or him. no answers by tomorrow ill call the city i guess