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    Shoting Piers in Honeyton
    Anybody smell bacon?

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    I smell french fries but that don't make no sense does it

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    Next time tell them, after 15 feet out, it's international waters and the law does not apply. They will prob believe you

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlrouen View Post
    Tell the cop that you're going to call 1-8-7 on him.
    Bad idea... LMAO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shark-hunter View Post
    Absolutely absurd.

    Police state.
    Can you imagine if they tried that crap in Cali? There'd be a riot. Can't go in a public ocean. Give me a break. Swimming or surfing. It's a PUBLIC OCEAN. Swim/surf at your own risk.
    exactly what this guy or swim at ur own risk.its the ocean,how can they charge people to go in the sea??!!!!its not like that in cali.i do respect the bennies who arent ocean friendly to have a lifegaurd present so the bennies dont die,pay for it all day,but for the rest of us surfers who are in the ocean during noreasters in december shouldnt have to deal with the nonsense

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    Just steal the sign. Problem solved. Unless you get caught of course.

    Seriously though, why not just leave for a few minutes and then come back when he leaves. They don't have time to sit there and wait for surfers to enter and exit the water. They have bigger concerns in that neighborhood.

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    Contact surfrider, they stopped those cocksuckers in Deal, NJ from criminalizing surfing