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    He's basically saying to stop posting bull**** threads about the forecast being wrong because now you can do something about it. Great idea.

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    You know, this may not be the thread to say it, but I've noticed a real improvement in Swellinfo over the last few months.

    I surf constantly, but also study mathematics and physics. Accuracy of data is a very important value of mine, especially when it comes to driving all the way to Montauk, coming up with excuses for my day jobs, etc. At the same time, I run a small online business ( and I appreciated the incredible difficulty that comes with managing a service as complex Swellinfo.

    Nevertheless, I felt as though in May, June, July, and August, Swellinfo was often predicting waves 2-3 feet larger than they actually turned out to be, right up until the day before landfall. All summer I would get my hopes up for 6 foot swells, only to be let down.

    I have to admit, I began to use other websites.

    Then, in September something changed, and suddenly Swellinfo began to be spot on in forecasts. Since September I have basically stopped looking at other forecasts, and have once again become a dedicated Swellinfo user.

    I am very impressed with the job you guys are doing. Thanks for all the hard work.

    I'll try to click ads every now and then to show my support.
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    The surf was bigger than expected:
    1 2 3 4ft

    Does this mean, was it 1ft bigger 2ft bigger 3ft bigger? Or do you pick the correct size of the waves?? Folly was waist to chest, NNE winds 20mph and clean. The only thing wrong with the forecast was the red (choppy) color on the wave scale. Great idea, i hope it helps to further improve what is already the best forecasting website on the internet. Thanks SWELLINFO!!

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    Every spot breaks differently and tide can affect things. The forecast is an average so I'm not sure how well this is going to work. Also, when the forecast is spot on, people probably won't click the "spot on" button, but IF the forecast is wrong you can be sure they'll click the "it was wrong" button. Might make it seem worse than it is. I think a button to push JUST for the forecast being WAY OFF(forecasted the morning of: head high, but it's only thigh high) might work better. That's really the only time the forecast is annoying. If it says waist to chest and you go out and it's knee high....that's a bummer!

    Overall the site does a really good job of forecasting.
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    Maybe give a further details button like time, etc, or a comment box so someone could provide you further info. For instance:
    Surfer A+B tell you the forecast was spot on
    Surfer C says it was underforecasted by 2 feet.

    In this case you'd normally assume surfer C misjudged, but if he put in a comment with something like:
    "Surfed this afternoon. Was spot on till about 2 then the swell gained about 2 feet until 5 when it went back down."
    You could then see that while the forecast was accurate most of the day, maybe you could figure out what cause the swell to grow during the day and use this to improve your future forecasts.

    Just my 2 cents. Otherwise great feature

    I don't seem to have it on my page yet but that might be a problem on my end.

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    Just going forward.... My spot is always smaller than forecasted and is never rideable.... Ever.

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    The feature is available when the forecast is for TODAY or when its after sunrise... It would be hard to believe someone if they said they checked the surf at 3am.

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    I think this is an awesome feature.
    Anything to make forecasting more accurate is a great addition.
    Best thing since surfboards, sluts, and sliced bread. (In no particular order)

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    Great job. This feature will evolve forecasting and make the 2 1/2 hour drive and taking the sick day well worth the trip.


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    Forecast today in OCMD says 5-7 ft. Two people say the surf was bigger than forecasted by 4+ ft and one person says it was smaller than forecasted by 4+ (and another said it was smaller by 3 ft). So according to SI users, the surf was anywhere from 1-3 to 9-11 ft today...