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Thread: December Trip

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    December Trip

    Ok so Im trying to escape the east coast winter for a week or two during december, I was going to puerto rico with a few friends but they all just backed out so now im going it alone wherever i go... Puerto Rico is not off the table but from what I understand you need a rental car there and im only 20, looking around most places you have to be atleast 21 and even then there is a surcharge for being under 25... any one know any places that dont care about age or any ways around it? Option 2 is head out to SF/Santa Cruz which looks promiseing and greatest chance of consistant waves but i have yet to find a cheep place to stay and would be relying on bus to get around which doesnt sound like fun with luggage+board. Option 3 San Diego i found a cheep hostel near Ocean Beach but It seems like Sd is more sheltered from North swells except blacks, but blacks would be a hour and a half (By bus/or bike). So anyway any info on these places would be great, as well as other suggestions for places, my buget is about 1500. Thanks

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    If you end up going to Puerto Rico, try Charlie Car Rental. A buddy and I had luck renting a car there when we were both under 21. They did gouge us on the price, but it was well worth being able to check out everything PR has to offer.