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It's soooo painful to watch people stink-bug power hop through an entire wave only to blow a lame air attempt at the end. That's butchering a wave, not enjoying it. It's one thing if it's a closeout and you drop in, get in maybe one pump and a bottom turn then try to boost. But that's not "going super sonic" by any means and actually takes skill to maintain momentum long enough to transmit above the lip. If someone doesn't have the basics down enough to actually ride a decently lined up wave getting a couple turns in THEN attempting an air, then they are just wasting a wave... How can anyone enjoy that?
You make a great point Erock. There is no appreciation for quality and style let alone an understanding of real satisfaction. It is mainly the groms who have grown up in a self serving instant gratification society who think one lame air shot on the I Phone gives them cred. Same mentality that thinks butt chugging jager is better than sipping cognac..How can you enjoy that?