[QUOTE=Erock;147253]That's really original, really.... it is. Still not quite as funny as being told to enter the "real world" by someone who calls himself a "pro," from Folly nonetheless.

PRO: Hehe... yeah.

well ecock im actually not from folly at all im in grad school at CofC and rent a place on folly. just thought the name was good along with my posts to piss people off like you. in fact im from Florida and no im not a pro surfer as you probably have imagined but i do rip harder than you ever could (even though i feel no need to validate my ability on a surf forum). sure the surf sucks here but i make the best of it. I SURF FOR THE PURE ENJOYMENT OF BEING IN THE OCEAN AND RIDING WAVES. unlike you ill end up living somewhere where the waves are great and not in ****ty southern nc. on the point of aerials i dont have any advice. its just something i do when the wave permits and i dont really think about how its done. like others have said its similar to getting air in skateboarding or snowboarding same motion and all. i do agree with erock in going for distance rather than height