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    Flagged at church

    As of Monday 11/12/12 governor Piss Twinkie is allowing NJ residents access to their homes on the barrier island in my neighborhood from 8-3pm daily. Basically so people can salvage whatever they can. There will be no gas, electric, or water service in the area for 6 months. I think it’s a man’s/woman’s constitutional right to live in those conditions if they choose to. Apparently not. Holy sh*t, what did those poor humans do 150 years ago?! (kidding)
    Today I took advantage of this special privilege (sarcastic). I mostly wanted to pop a squat on my couch, put my feet on my coffee table and look out at the bay with my dog. I took my dog to the beach straight up my street after that.
    Like me, my dog grew up on the beach, so we were both very happy and relieved to be there. For me, “church” is the place where land meets the sea. The energy that exists there is amazing, intimidating, beautiful, scary, super stoking, deadly, irresistible, (plenty more adjectives for my church). Anyway, my dog was amping out all over the place (she’s 9) and I was taking in as much beach stimulus as I could before being kicked off the island at 3pm by the police. After about 2 minutes a cop walks up behind me with his hand on his gun and asks me “can I help you?” with an attitude. I refused to believe he was being that much of a d*ck. I was already smiling from laughing at my dog running around and replied “no, I don’t need any help, what’s up?” He actually was being a duesh master and apparently we can’t go on the public beach where we live. This caught me way off guard to say the least. I let officer hard on know I was there during the storm, had waves crashing off of my front door, and stayed for a week after. He said he was just doing what he was told and I believe that but it’s still not right. The ironic part is if anyone should be looking out for anyone on the beach, it should me looking out for him. During the week that I stayed on the Island (post sandy) I had face to face conversations with the mayor, chief, captain, sergeant, and other officers. They were all very respectful and genuinely concerned unlike officer boner breath.
    I understand things are f*cked up all over and there are more problems than solutions at this time, but treating the victims like criminals during this period of extreme despair is atrocious and useless.
    Thanks so much Governor Piss Twinkie.
    Thanks so much to all of you NJ haters, you must be in your glory.
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