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    [QUOTE=Doug;147236]Thanks for the positive vibes. Possibly part of the problem here is, the officials making decisions on how to "restore these communities" are not residents of them. Living comfortably in their own homes it's easy for them say, go f*ck yourself for 6 months because they're not in the situation themselves. Meanwhile an unnecessary amount of people are now looking for a place to live, availability is decreasing quickly, and rent rates just magically increased in the area. For most people the beach/beach area in Ocean County NJ is a novelty that they embrace only a few times a year between June and August. It's a hard pill to swallow when those are the people deciding if and when we can go home. Tumble weed Tuesday is the day after Labor Day and when 95% of the homes here become vacant until June. Sh*t, half of those bay front and ocean front homes are vacant even in the summer. All of those "home owners" don't actually live here. They're doing just fine, their primary residences are ok and so are there important valuables. I guess what I'm getting at is the voice of the year round residents is barely an audible whisper in the ears of people like governor Piss Twinkie. The “officials” in charge fail to see that the year round residents are a large part of what makes these towns functional in the first place. Governor Piss Twinkie isn’t dragging peoples drowning family members out of the ocean any time of the year, it’s people like me.

    It's a horrible situation.

    Having stated the obvious, it will never improve. It being the govt view of the citizenry. The govt, state & esp federal, is going to take this opportunity, and believe me, they do look on this as an opportunity, to control the citizenry. The cops with their hand on the gun screw you 'tude. The lack of response from taxpayer-fueled govt agencies. It adds up to control.

    The govt is desensitizing the populace in order to gain control. Meaning, when you see SWAT teams & police conducting 'exercises' on neighborhood streets in the name of the war on terror, and that's the un-winnable war kids, do you get it, that means if we are constantly at war based on the govt definition, then the govt can & will abrogate your civil rights.

    Bottom line? We're f * u cked. All of us. NJ is just the most blatant example of the destruction of our Constitutional rights.

    I'm not ripping the first responders. Rip me if you will, but don't confuse what I'm saying with your emotional world. What this nation was founded upon is being eroded, actively so, by the feds & that's Repub & Dem, non-partisan, ISO control.

    NJ is history, legacy, family, community, passion, pride, jobs, businesses, homes.

    And it's time to read the signs & move.

    One man's humble opinion.
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