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    Anyone recomend any good hostles? Going for six weeks in may/june so im looking for something kind of cheap cheap but also nice and fairly close to the beach. First time to Costa Rica I would like to stay near Playa Hermosa. Also looking for a guide and car rentals. Any info would be great. Thanks!

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    I stayed at Cabinas las Arenas in hermosa a few years ago. There's a restaurant there called Dos Gringos. Two guys named Todd and Scott run the place. Good food and good people. Las Arenas is pretty cheap too.

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    cabinas rancho grande in playa hermosa. its inexpensive and close to the beach. Dos gringos is a great place to eat. PM me for some info on a guide. I have a friend that does the surf guide thing and airport pickups in playa hermosa.

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    Stay at Brisas, non AC rooms are like 15 a night. Its next to the backyard bar.

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    I suggest checking out Nosara, Costa Rica. It's amazing and super mellow - well anywhere you go in Costa Rica is pretty much going to be amazing and mellow. But, if you're new to the world of surfing you can get a great Costa Rica package from Corky Carroll's Surf School It's an all inclusive deal, food + beer + surfing, what more could you ask for? Haha. Just a suggestion if you're trying to get better at surfing while have a great time.

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    It's FINALLY here...The daily video surf report Live from Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Each morning we post a 45 second video from the beach and a detailed report of the conditions. Take a minute each morning and escape to a better place.
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