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    Exclamation Type of Board For Christmas?

    I've been looking for a while now because usually on all special holidays I get a new board or something related to surfing. I want something unusual about the board that has a crazy design or something. Does anyone here know a great custom shortboard designer that does orders under $1000. Leave a reply or just pm me please. All these local surf shops have the same boards every time I walk in. Also needs to be around the banks area if you can or somewhere near Virginia Beach.

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    Based in FL, but they do awesome custom work HOWEVER you want it....and it's EXTREMELY reasonable.
    Like....Reasonable enough that shipping it would be just fine, regardless of shipping cost.

    I have 1 of their boards, and they do great work!!!!

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    Just so you know - the current ones on their site aren't doing them any justice.
    I have seen some pretty awesome colorful custom work posted up on their site...but since the prices are more than reasonable, the "GOOD" artwork gets eaten up fast.

    (CLICK THE "SLIDESHOW" LINK ON THEIR PAGE) Much better examples. Hope this helps!!
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    Lynn Shell at OBBC (Outer Banks Boarding Company) is custom making some sick epoxy boards with bamboo inlay topsheets. They remind me of Firewires, but better (imo) and custom made to your specifications. Lynn showed me his personal shortboard with a 5 Futures fin configuration and then a 6'9" step up pintail custom made for some other OBX madman. Both were very impressive and I'll likely be ordering one once I've got a hole in my quiver... I think they run about $600.