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    ive got a 99 wrangler and would definitely recommend it. a two door is definitely more versatile for a surfer lifestyle than people think. the roll bars work perfectly as roof racks and the manual tranny gets me 20-25 miles to the gallon. nothing better than going to the beach with the top off

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    Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    yep. a jeep (real jeep not the yuppie ones) will turn you into a mechanic fast. the basic power train is bomb proof but there is always some little thing to fix. I could barely change my oil before I bought my first jeep and now i do clutch swaps with ease. Nice thing is I do alot of work on my wifes car and save us tons of money.
    My first vehicle was an 85 CJ7. The clutch went quickly and the repair cost $1200. At that moment I became my own mechanic. I got tools and learned on the fly. Eventually I replaced that with a 74 Road Runner that I built into a beast. A few vehicles later I got a 79 CJ7, the clutch went and the repair cost only $250 since I did it myself.
    My jeeps needed a bit more attention than my other vehicles but on the other hand, I would regularly test their 4x4 limits so sh*t is more likely to break.
    I wish todays vehicles were as easy to work on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkBarrels View Post
    Hey guys I'm in the market for a car. Do not have that much cash, but looking for a used reliable car. I was thinking Jeep Wrangler, but I'm not a huge fan of the 2 door, not to mention the real problem holding surfboards. I'm lookin for something that is basically good on gas as well.

    What are your favorite cars that suit and compliment our surfing and action sports lifestyle.

    Ideas: Wrangler, Xterra, Truck (small, but reliable and holds many boards)

    Note: I would prefer a 4 door.

    Off to go look at some cars on the LOT!

    wrangler is way to stubby inside for surfboards.
    I have an xterra...4 door, good truck and reliable (more than Cherokees, etc) but it sucks on gas.
    Toyota Tacoma is a great truck, but again not good on gas.

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    I've had a Cherokee, Outback, and a Tacoma. The Toyota and Subaru are at the top of the list, but finding a Tacoma 4x4 for 10K could be difficult. The Outback is a great ride and better on gas than the Tacoma. Finding a car to suit your lifestyle while getting good gas mileage probably won't happen unfortuntely. I did see that Subaru launched a new ride, some sort of crossover, that's basically a lifted Impreza and is outfitted at 21K. I'd buy another Tacoma or Outback for sure, great rides in my opinion.

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    xterra is an SUV not a truck.

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    real men drive station wagons!

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    i have a 2000 chevy tahoe and that gets the job done there is ton of room for all my boards and wetsuits skateboards ect. But someitmes can be a little too large and the 4x4 is good too

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    I have a 2006 Wrangler Rubicon, not as easy to work on as my '85 CJ7, but still manageable...definitely not in the 10K price range. I'm not a big Chrysler fan, but she's a beast. Usually fold the passenger seat up and throw my boards in, they stick out the back a little, but who cares!? And like somebody said before, with the top off, you can just strap the boards to the roll bar. I would rather have a 2 door with less space than the goofy 4 door version(defeats the purpose of a jeep, at least in my mind)...

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    alsooo ANYONE sould be veryyy careful in the next 6months buying cars.. there were aot of cars that got alot of water in them..some noticeable some not..just becaureful so you dont get a sandy discounted car

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    i have a 09 tacoma double cab extended bed trd sport 4x4...needless to say it fits everything and i beasted it through sandy