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    If you look at Cherokee Sport/Classic.....look for the inline 6 engine.....I had a '90 Sport 2DR that ran for 230K+ miles......good in the mountains and sand...easy to find parts

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    Word Gaffer on the minivan. I'm on my 2nd grand caravan and I love it. I can fit 6 brds up to 9ft inside the van with 2 other peeps riding. Or 2 boajrds and a queen size futon that sleeps great on rodetrips (no hotels) or at festies. And cops don't hound dirty minivans for the mst part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    We can't forget about the Volvo 245 series either. Hundreds of thousands of miles later, the saying "Volvos, they're boxy, but they're good." can't be denied. Owed all to that old station wagon (my first car 600$, from my the septuagenarian, twin, spinster aunts). Unstoppable. They drive them in Sweden.
    Funny. My first car was a 76 245 dl I got for 650 in eastham, ma and drove to telluride. Sold it for 50. to a junkyard in Norwood, CO.
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    get a honda element they are good on gas dependable and versatile.Caravans are good too for the room If you take the seats out. just have to face the fact that your dreams are over you drive a minivan.Whatever you decide check it out good , gonna be alot of frakenstorm cars some dishonest auto lots are gonna try to move quick.

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    1st generation Toyota Tacoma 4x4 DC.....can't go wrong with then, they are extremely reliable, hold their value and will get you in an out of where you need to go, holding a ton of **** as well. And the bed makes for the best changing mat in the industry.....I love my 2nd Gen, good luck in your search

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    4 dr tacoma has to be your first choice. i spent months looking for the right one but they are so epxensive because they hold their value so well. i ended up buying a brand new GMC canyon, 4wd, 6 foot bed, but only 2 seats. its great for a surf vehicle, i put bigger tires on it and now can basically drive anywhere. i keep three boards in the back and a bunch of wetsuits at all times (tonneau cover protects everything). generally i'm very happy with the purchase, but still would have loved to get a taco

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    -plus, you don't get all the looks when the most people you can show up with is one extra person, and you aren't driving a minivan haha

  8. As a 2dr jeep owner, I can assure you that jeeps are turds, love mine but if I could do it over I would get a 4wd van or a taco with a cap. You should always plan around something you can crash in if need be. If your a roadtripper get something roomy and build what you want inside.