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    Closed beaches , where can I surf

    After hurricane sandy I can not access I few of my locals spots and i really don't feel like calling all the towns and state parks to see if any of the beaches are back open yet and I don't want to surf in longbeach due to the water quality problem so I was wondering if anyone knew any beaches open out east

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    Dang brotha im sorry to hear that, so many tragic stories just two or three states above my hometown, it seems the spots like FL that usually get destroyed seemed untouched and had PERFECT surf lol. But everywhere from northern SC all the way up to NY got clobbered by the B**** Sandy. In OCMD we havent had too many problems concerning land damage, but water quality is going to be somewhat of an issue down here now possibly due to the fact that the extreme north winds we have had this week could push some of the dirty water down here. But places like Rt. 12 and many places along the Oregon Inlet like S-Turns and Mirlo Beach were completely destroyed and blown over. Im sorry again to hear about your bummer of a situation. But this friday good ole Ocean City is getting some good surf as far as the reports go, head south for a little vacation my friend. I'll show you some killer spots.

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