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    so, surfing today was fun as hell. smaller scale cleanish waves. PEOPLE ON THE OTHER HAND! Honestly, if your a "older guy" yelling at a 17yr old kids, naming them stupid ****ing asshole. (yelling) while riding a 11ft log. Grow up, you too old to act like a 25 yr old hot head from the north shore. stop. And for the URI/high school kids...please, spots in rhode island are mostly fickle they aren't for who can catch the most waves and snake as many people as you can all day ****. HAVE RESPECT for everyone. Young I understand. STOP almost had to smack a dubstepper in the lot upon my exit. ****. You dont need every wave in front of you. ALL IN ALL EVERYONE OVER THERE HAS GOT TO EITHER CHILL THE **** OUT OR KICK ROCKS. all done. Stay classy.
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