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It's a grand ole time no doubt at both spots. I'm still stoked to the gills. I've just had some of my best rides ever cut short due to the above douchebaggery. It's not everyone there either. Rhodey actually draws chargers from like 8 different states it seems on the best summer and fall swells.

But how many TC's do you need to make a great peak and break go bad? Not many if their kookery is steady across the whole sesh. There's way more "big fish in small pond" mentality on the EC and NE. Try that elsewhere in places that dudes have surfed since they were in dad's testes and see how far it gets you.

I may check out Rhodey this week/weekend since MA is maybe getting the Thursday bump and nothing else. It's been a dry few weeks here for swell aside from the stoke you guys got while I was in the PNW. Every time I fly somewhere to get stoked it's flat here before and after but goes off during. At least I usually score too and usually warmer.
Completely agree with this. I've had some great seshs at D.H. and M.P. Its mostly those college kids that raid those spring swells in reef walkers and surf caps. Headin down to Mat. soon, hope to score some little peelers.