Hey guys, looking on useful info on the way i should get into the Oregon Inlet and get to places like Buxton and Mirlo Beach, as well as places like Frisco too... I had watched a video a couple days ago how they planned on having one lane completely open for Rt. 12 for Thanksgiving. Im really hoping this pulls through and holds true. Simply because thats when this predicted week of slop is supposed to clean up and maybe send good waves if the wind would die off a little bit. Anyways, enough about me wishing what the surf COULD be like and focus on what its predicted to be. Well, my wife and I could potentially take a trip down there A.) for the Holiday and B.) to get some very much needed stress off of our backs, turns out that Hatty does just the trick for both of us because of many great nice people we met down there along with the great waves. Well, I wanna get back down there and tear up some more tasty waves. So if there is any way that the great Swellinfo community could help me out with some of the latest details about how I can get on the Island and whether or not they are letting people in the water even would be a great help. My wife has a little Toyota Rav 4, its a little SUV but its got 4 wheel drive so I think they would let us on? unless they are only letting like big lifted Chevys and stuff on lol. Thanks guys.