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    State of Jersey?

    Driving through in January, any locals have updates regarding the condition of the Jersey Shore?

    What areas got hit hardest, and which ones (if any) are pretty much back to normal?

    Would it be too late to bring some more supplies down? What is still needed?

    Any info appreciated, thanks!

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    You can start here...

    Damage is widespread and access is still regulated in most areas. Not much is what I would consider "normal."

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    January will be the time when supplies will be needed badly again as the original enthusiasm to help will fade. Children's and adult winter clothes (boots, hats, gloves, blankets). Batteries. Foods that contain proteins. Go to a bar and buy a local a beer....
    BTW, South jersey is mostly OK at this point. Can't get from Avalon to Sea Isle but you should be OK hitting up a town down there. Go in and buy something at a local surf shop too....................

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    call the Red Cross beforehand. ask what is in demand, they will point you in the right direction. call the foodbank too..

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    Thanks for the help!

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    Contact the Surfrider Foundation, they will have a better idea of where supplies are needed and supplies will get distributed faster than if you go through the Red Cross. I volunteered in the Red Cross' warehouse 2 weekends ago and in 4 hours, only 4 16' rental vans were loaded and sent out. I know that the Belmar Municipal Building has 4 trailers behind it that are filled with supplies; if you want to send your supplies there before you're driving through in January, the address is 601 Main Street in Belmar, NJ.

    Anyone been out surfing in the Belmar/Avon/Bradley area? What's the line-up and beach access situation like? I haven't been in the water in a few weeks and looking to get out on Friday.

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    Good call on shouting out Belmar- we got word today that by the end of December debris should be cleared on Ocean ave. As of right now you can't be there period. Cops and port authority are screaming down the street in SUVs and telling people to leave ocean ave. I also heard the water is pretty gnarly- piling and debris floating in still. They haven't been letting people in the water but I heard Spring Lake was. Hope this helps and thanks for the help fellas.

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