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    OCMD - North>South Current

    In OCMD, with the constant north to south current the past days, is anyone concerned about the nasties in the water drifting down from Jersey? Or I am overly cautious? Happy Thanksgiving!

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    the water is polluted everyone stay out...

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    dude i live right on the Ocean on 42nd st, and as far as Ive seen there has been no big debris, I.E. pilings, dune fences, steel wire, dead bodies, etc. As far as E-coli, fecal matter, and other bacteria that would be considered bad for our bodies? I'm still doing research, but as far as I'm concerned I'm gonna go surf tomorrow morning and Saturday if its really good. Do I think you're being overly cautious? Nah man, not at all. Its always a good thing to have a heads up and be prepared... But im probably just gonna have a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide in my bag I take to the beach to swish in my mouth, put in my ears, and possibly a Q- Tip covered with the miracle fizzy liquid to clean my nose. Then go take a fresh water shower. Using some bar anti bacterial soap.. Oh yeah, make sure you scrub your boots, gloves, and suit out with fresh water inside and outside of the suit really well. Of course these are just my opinions, and of course preventive measures just IN CASE the water is polluted, this is just what I plan on doing and what I would recommend bro... Whats your name man? are you a local here in OC?

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    Walked along Bethany Beach and saw pieces of a boardwalk and a pier, not sure which ones though.

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    I typically do a peroxide/alcohol mix in the ears and netti pot for the nose and sinuses. My name's Adam. I live 2.5 hrs away in Annapolis so definitely not local to OC. But OC is my usual break - Assateague actually. Being surfing on/off for twenty years. I used to stay on 41st on the beach as a kid. There's a row of gray townhouse type place. Damn, was that awesome. 27th-48th street was awesome back then. But I've stuck with Assateague after they really started with the beach replenishment. But it seems like the beach replenishment from 15-20 years ago didn't screw up the breaks like they do now. Judging from the cams, the 'shore' pound waves aren't as much as a problem as they were pre-sandy.

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    Assateague was beautiful today. So glassy and big and glorious. Just all closeouts. I had a few of the greatest 1.5 second rides of my life, before a head-high wall of water wreaked me at the bar. At least I'm not skittish in big(ish) surf anymore -- and that kind of makes me happy. It was big but because I made it out early it was big and slow, I felt like I learned a lot today in terms of dealing with bigger waves. I just wish the waves hadn't been all closeouts. IRI was a bit better in terms of the waves holding their form, but by the time I got there it was high tide and the wind was picking up so I really didn't have a lot of luck. Also I lost a fin. What's a good surf shop in the DELMARVA area that'll actually carry fins? I have a magic model with the 2+1 set up and I lost one of the two today somehow. The 1 fin isn't exactly big enough to track in surf as large as it was today. I sometimes rock it in smaller surf but when it's big I just can't hold my **** together. Hope other folks had a good time today. This was my first time having fun surfing in over a year (I go to school inland, it's hard to justify a trip to the shore unless the forecast looks this sweet).