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    Hey everyone,

    We are working on a start-up that is focusing on quality rash guards and other surf apparel that is 100% made and designed in the United States. In addition to partnering with "1% for the Planet," we will be devoting part of our site to promoting amateur and professional surf photographers.

    If you (or someone you know) would like your work featured for free on our website along with your bio, please let us know.



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    I'd pay more for a "Made in America" label. Just make sure it's top quality.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by PuertoRicanPoet View Post
    I'd pay more for a "Made in America" label. Just make sure it's top quality.
    @PuertoRicanPoet Thanks for the comment and the insight. No doubt our products will be top-notch. We are currently locking down fabrics for our apparel and hiring seamstresses (which will be paid a fair wage). We're also finalizing the rashguard materials and designs.

    Also, thanks to those photographers who have indicated some interest in having their work featured. We are still looking for more though. Shoot me an email!


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    emailed ya man

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    Love the idea of all american. Thanks.

  6. Really appreciate all of the entries and support we have seen from everyone on this forum. If anyone else out there wants to get featured, please hit me up!

  7. Have two slots open for our February/March features....drop me an email at mike@ordeanindustries dot com if you want some of your stuff featured.

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    Check out Emiliano Eye. He's our partner photographer out of Costa and he is great!
    Congrats on the new venture, love the concept! Let me know when you are up and running, would love to talk.