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    Also, someone told me about a real nice break at a rivermouth called the estuary. Is that right there or down a ways from the town.
    Tarcoles is fun when it's on

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    Tarcoles is fun when it's on
    The locals love new comers. especially juicy tender gringos.

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    If you go to montezuma, there's a body surfing spot to the right of the bus stop, and a sweet break to left at the end of the road. BUT, the premier spot is Cedros on the way to Cabuya. Left hander that peals off a rock slab and goes across a little cove. It's closer and faster if you go thru the Cabo Blanco reserve. plus there's critters and extreme 4x4 if it's damp.
    Cabuya thats were i surfed!! place was great no body told me to bring booties and i surfed it to about low tide.. and my walk back over those rocks i swear was about a quarter mile i will never forget that pain. it was a great right but i got some awesome lefts that day to.

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    I surfed the river mouth between Montezuma and Cabuya at the first bridge before Francisco's church. then I saw it at low tide. there was a 7' monolith under there!