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    Surf Board Opinion

    I`m looking in to buying a new board , short board i`m 5`10 and wt 175 lbs can u guys give some info on the best quality board and whut should i look for any info is always good

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    It depends on your experience really- on how short you want to go and the average size wave you will be taking it in. I'm 6'2 190 and i ride a 6'2 squash tail that has a beefy tail for that extra support on the super small days but normally anything in the 2 to 3 foot range or larger with some push i just grab my 6'1-its a squash too but much lighter and less width and rails but much faster and more responsive, you can usually demo boards at your local shop to see whats right for you if you don't already know-just give them a call about it. As far as brands go stay local because shapers in the area shape for those particular waves.