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    any luck?

    Quote Originally Posted by meatloaf View Post
    i got 5 on it
    What has been your experience? made any money?

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    Nice notion, but not worth it

    As a person with a lot of sporting gear over the years, my experience with renting or lending out has not generally been positive. Stuff gets broken, lost, torn, dented - plenty of "ooops factor". I really want to be nice to folks entering a new sport, but i have been burned too many times in the past. Right now I maintain a "second line" of camping gear to lend out to folks - or I should say I did do that until someone "lost" the tent.
    And I wouldn't lend/rent out a surfboard unless it was a a good friend and the board was a surftech...

    It is a good hearted idea, but won't fly for me.
    My two cents

    Paul Moos

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