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    Thursday - Cape or Hampton?

    The cape is 2 hrs
    Hampton is 1hr 20m

    What would you do?

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    I'm assuming from your question you're from central MA or nearby. If that's the case, yes Cape is 2 hrs, but any spot worth traveling to is more like 2.5 hrs. Since you're looking at Thursday, which is still unsure, and it isn't going to be anything epic, I'd head to NH unless you have some time to kill and won't be upset if you don't score. Just my 2cents

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    The cape has more beaches, but that doesn't mean it has more breaks. Right now the forecast isn't looking great. Your best bet is to check the beach cam's on Thursday and call local shops in both areas for a surf report. If you do go to NH you are only short ride north to ME or short drive south to some of the north shore beaches in MA.

    Either way good luck and have fun.