I was discussing this the other day with a small group and the general consensus is that the worst paddle outs, either at home or traveling are often beachies, mostly during hurricanes or when the sideshore currents get cranking. Obviously points, wedges, etc. can provide a predictable rip or another way of getting outside, but as a couple guys pointed out, it's not always the difficulty, but the sketchiness (aka if you're up against a jetty or on the inside with rocks behind you and nowhere to go, as in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoM3TSzE72I. One claimed a big day at blacks was by far the worst he ever had it, and that's after 20 years of surf travel. Another guy claimed it was right at home in NE during Hurricane Bill. I'm just curious where you guys have had it bad, specifically the worst paddle outs you can remember.