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    a watch for surfing

    I've gone through 4 in the last year. I've tried wearing them on the outside of my wetsuit and on the inside. Same result; they die quickly.

    I'm willing to spend some money, say 50-75 bucks, but I'm afraid the same thing will happen.

    thanks for any advice. Sorry if this is a repeat thread.

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    4 years & counting with my G-Shock. Check out - best prices by far.

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    I had a Nixon lodown for two years or so now. One day surfing i looked down and the pin that holds the band had broken the post that holds the band on the body of the watch somehow. I sent it back to Nixon and after two years they sent me a brand new one to replace it. I paid $89.00 for the watch two years ago, now I see they retail for $125. I love the watch and the customer services was awesome. They stand behind their product.

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    Looking for a watch too. Do not by Shark or Neff 'waterproof' watches. They will die in a matter of months.

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    Gshock son. I have a gulfman that was a hand me down from a friend at dam neck. I've been wearing it through surfing, boarding, showers, negative temperatures, skating wipeouts, you name it for 3 years PLUS whatever hell my friend put it through. Cost $0. I bet one could be had sub $100 through amazon or something.

    My only complaint is that it's bulky. Not very heavy though. Just a problem wearing under some long sleeve shirts.

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    Luminox Navy Seal watch. Got one for my birthday in 1998, and still using it. Replaced the band a couple of times and the battery once or twice. Love it, and it takes a beating.

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    Get the Ripcurl Tidewatch!!!! It is a bit more pricey than the G Shock and other but the quality is unmatched. 10 years strong been everywhere from skydiving to freediving with no issues. I've only had to change the battery 3 times and the band twice. Also, it looks like a professional watch unlike that gross looking flava flav G Shock.

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    GShock by far the best going on three years still running like a charm knock on wood.

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    thanks for the suggestions everyone, im off to amazon to shop

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