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    OC to Form Committee to Investigate Changes to Surfing Beaches

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    The Surfing Beach system in OC is pretty bad.

    It would be perfect if they would just construct a few large jetties or potentially some areas with an artificial reef. They could just designate those areas as "surf beaches" with no swimming during lifeguard hours. Not to mention it would also save tons of $$$ in beach replenishment!

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    They should maintain the rotating schedule plus add 120th, 48th, 28th, 8th streets and the jetty permanent surfing areas year round. Making the jetty "surfer friendly" only during the week doesn't help people with jobs. Kinda makes me think the officials think only tourists surf.
    Also, let water photographers swim with the surfers. A lifeguard kicked me out of the water one time for swimming even though I had a big professional camera and I told him I was a pro. Common sense is missing, perhaps a few more pros should step up at these meetings. The east coast is kinda backwards in this respect, especially NJ. I never went to NJ in the summer, only the dead of winter.